About me

Welcome to my little portfolio site, which is under construction. This site is being developed using Next.js, Typescript. I am planning on adding a feature which will query my Blog articles from dev.to. My name is Fabio Batti (28) and I hold a master degree in chemistry, however during my studies I found my passion for software development in 2018. It started as a hobby and became a profession quickly. I wanted to create a simple website for one of my relatives. I knew python from university so I felt confident that I can manage to pull this off, let me tell you it was a terrible website. This experience brought me on a lifelong journey to learn as much as I can about software development, and I love the challenges it holds.

My strength is that I am a fast learner and can pick up libraries or languages quickly by myself. I think I am better suited for backend work than for frontend work, however I can do both. But backend development feels more natural to me, and I just love to write clean APIs.

The language of my choice for developing is currently Python, TypeScript or PHP, but I am strongly interested in Solidity for Web3 development, Rust or Golang for writing high performance and secure APIs or Kotlin for native Android development.

Currently I am employed as a Fullstack Developer, who is working with Laravel and Vue for different applications. I also have worked in a professional environment with Django, Flask and Express (also a little bit of React). One of my biggest challenges was the architecture and cloudless deployment of a VM management software which followed the philosophy of microservices.

Beside development tasks I am also proficient in the basics of setting up deployment pipelines and managing VPS machines. But I am strongly driven towards the cloud, hence I am learning Terraform.